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A Brief On Antibiotics!

Human Body is affected by kind of things, like dust, smoke, pollution seasonal change, bacteria, viruses, fungus and others, which often raise the tendency of the person to fall sick. Infections caused by various things are treated by specific medicines prepared for them, like antibiotics.

Yes, antibiotics a very common name in the arena of medicines, you might remember that when you suffered from fever in your childhood, your mother gave you an antibiotic tablet to recover from the fever. Even in adulthood, doctor prescribe antibiotics to person suffering from fever.

Well, antibiotics are medicines that are prepared to fight with the infections in the body due to bacteria. They also help in curbing less-serious infection from becoming a fatal one.

The very first antibiotic discovered all around the world was Penicillin in the year 1920, by Alexander Fleming, a Scottish physician and microbiologist. This discovery, led to new scopes to study it further and come up with a cure for most infections.

How Do Antibiotics Work? 

Antibiotics after entering the infected body person diffuse themselves in the blood. They make sure that they target only the infection-causing bacterial cell, which is normally identical to human cell and do not harm the healthy human cells. Their procedure is taken out in three ways as follows:

  • By striking on the wall of the infection causing bacteria and encircling them.
  • By impeding with bacteria duplication.
  • By clogging protein manufacturing in bacteria.

Various Forms Of Antibiotics!

Antibiotics are available in various forms in the market, that is they are available in forms of tablets, liquid syrups, capsules, ointments and creams. A very common example of antibiotic is Combiflam, you might have heard this name, it is generally available in every household. Not only tablets, but combiflam also come in the form of ointments and pain reliving spray, that help us to get rid of pains on our body parts like leg and hands.

On consumption of antibiotics, they immediately start working although the duration of your medication could vary as it prescribed as per the type and seriousness of the infection. It is advised to complete the regimen as per doctor’s advice.

Not All Bacteria Is Harmful! 

Many type of bacteria cause disease in humans, although not all kind of bacteria are harmful to human body. Some bacteria are deemed as good bacteria as they help us maintain the pink of health. Remember the lactobacillus bacteria, yes, the bacteria help in the curdling of the milk, these kind of bacteria is much helpful to human body as it keeps the body health and rid of various problems like indigestion. But since the cell structure for all kinds of bacteria are same, antibiotics tend to attack them as well. This is why regular consumption of antibiotics is not advisable. In fact, it is always recommended do not take any kind of antibiotics without doctor’s prescription as improper use of these could have side effects, in fact bad side effects.

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