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Is Anxiety Disorder Curable?

Is Anxiety Disorder Curable?

Anxiety is a state of mind or condition, where the mind fears the events that might happen in the future. It is normal and often a healthy emotion. However, it becomes a mental condition when a person regularly feels disproportionate levels of anxiety. 

When a person suffers from an anxiety disorder, he/she may feel the fear of certain events all the time. The disorder can affect anyone at any age.

Regarding, anxiety disorder, people often enquire, Is Anxiety Disorder Curable?

Well, a simple answer to this is, No! However, there are several ways or medical treatments that can help an individual control his anxiety and not make it into a big problem. 

The reason that anxiety can’t be cured is that a person’s tendency towards anxiety is part of their genetic makeup — something no treatment can change. That’s why we say anxiety can’t be completely cured.

Let us know all about Anxiety Disorders!!

Different Types Of Anxiety Disorders Explained!

Anxiety is a key part of several different disorders. These include:

  • panic disorder: experiencing recurring panic attacks at unexpected times. A person with panic disorder may live in fear of the next panic attack.
  • phobia: excessive fear of a specific object, situation, or activity
  • social anxiety disorder: extreme fear of being judged by others in social situations
  • obsessive-compulsive disorder: recurring irrational thoughts that lead you to perform specific, repeated behaviors
  • separation anxiety disorder: fear of being away from home or loved ones
  • illness anxiety disorder: anxiety about your health (formerly called hypochondria)
  • post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD): anxiety following a traumatic even

What Are The Symptoms Of Anxiety?

Anxiety feels different depending on the person experiencing it. Feelings can range from butterflies in your stomach to a racing heart. 

Other ways people experience anxiety include nightmares, panic attacks, and painful thoughts or memories that you can’t control. You may have a general feeling of fear and worry, or you may fear a specific place or event.

Symptoms of general anxiety include:

  • increased heart rate
  • rapid breathing
  • restlessness
  • trouble concentrating
  • difficulty falling asleep

Different people experience different symptoms of anxiety. That’s why it’s important to know all the ways anxiety can present itself. 

What Are The Possible Causes Of Anxiety?

Well, research and studies say that a combination of factors plays a role, that include genetic and environmental factors as well as brain chemistry.  In addition, researchers believe that the areas of the brain responsible for controlling fear may be impacted.

What Are The Treatments For Anxiety Disorder?

Well, once you have been diagnosed with anxiety disorder, or your doctor confirms the same, you must immediately look for ways or treatment options to control your anxiety and protect yourself from its adverse effects. 

For some people, medical treatment isn’t necessary. Lifestyle changes may be enough to cope with the symptoms. In moderate or severe cases, however, treatment can help you overcome the symptoms and lead a more manageable day-to-day life.

Treatment for anxiety mostly includes two types, psychotherapy, and medication. In Psychotherapy, the person is asked to meet a therapist or psychologist who helps learn about tools to use and strategies to cope with anxiety when it occurs.

The medication for anxiety generally includes antidepressants and sedatives. They work to balance brain chemistry, prevent episodes of anxiety, and ward off the most severe symptoms of the disorder.

Can Lifestyle or Habit Changes Help Keep Anxiety In Control?

Some lifestyles or habit changes in an individual can be effective to get his/her anxiety in control. This method includes eliminating certain unhealthy habits or replacing them with healthy habits. These include: 

  • getting enough sleep
  • meditating
  • staying active and exercising
  • eating a healthy diet
  • staying active and working out
  • avoiding alcohol
  • avoiding caffeine
  • quitting smoking cigarettes

Simply, anxiety disorders are a medical condition that needs immediate attention. Getting the right treatment for your anxiety will help you dial back your out-of-control worries so that you can get on with life! 

Stay Informed! Stay Healthy! Stay Happy! 

Thank You! 


Disclaimer: The information included at this site is for educational purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for medical treatment by a health care professional. Readers are advised to consult their physician to determine the suitability of the information with the reader’s situation! 

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