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How Can Kidney Stones Be Treated Naturally?

How Can Kidney Stones Be Treated Naturally?

Hello Readers! 

Stay Healthy always and for the same, ensure good care of your heart, brain, lungs, and digestive system. Wait! What about kidneys? Kidneys, the two bean-shaped organs, brown are important and like other organs, one must keep proper care of their kidneys. 

The key function of kidneys is to filter the impurities present in the blood. They are responsible for eliminating waste materials, excess fluids from the body, maintaining mineral balance, blood pressure, and conserving healthy bones, joints, and red blood cell production. 

Kidneys have nephrons, the smallest unit of kidneys that are responsible for filtering the blood in individuals. People do suffer from several ailments related to kidneys; however, the most common ailment is kidney stones, which affect the renal organs and impedes the detoxification of the system. 

This article let us know about what kidney stones are, how are they caused, and how can kidney stones be treated naturally!!

What Are Kidney Stones? 

Kidney stones are hardened deposits of minerals combined with salts, like calcium oxalate or uric acid. They may develop inside the kidneys or in the bladder, ureter, urethra. 

What Causes Kidney Stones? 

Experts say the prominent causes behind kidney stones are the lack of sufficient fluid, crystallization, and high acidic content in urine. 

As per ayurvedic scriptures, there are numerous causes for kidney stones listed. Some of the causes mentioned are: 

  • improper body detoxification owing to poor diet
  • junk foods & high-oxalate foods
  • suppressing the natural urge to urinate
  • restricted bowel movements
  • heavy exercise
  • prolonged intake of potent medications/drugs
  • loss of sleep.

What Are The Symptoms Of Kidney Stones?

The general symptoms of Kidney stones include: 

  1. intense pain in the lower abdomen
  2. discomfort while passing urine 
  3. nausea, body weakness, and headaches.

How Can Kidney Stones Be Treated Naturally?

Kidney stones can be treated with simple home remedies or simple medications if diagnosed and treated on time. Here are some quick Ayurveda home remedies for effective relief from Kidney Stones: 

Drink Adequate Water, Ensure You Are Hydrated-   Drink lots and lots more of water. This helps in keeping your body hydrated, and also in flushing out toxins and other unwanted minerals and waste products that are responsible for the formation of stones. The drinking water will make it easier for the stones to pass. 

Lemon Juice With Honey Can Help- The juice of a lemon in warm or normal water is considered to be very effective for kidney stones. You can add honey or rock salt to this mixture to make it more palatable.

Coconut Water- It has been proven effective in breaking and flushing out kidney stones from the body through urine. It is also found effective in relieving the burning sensation during urination.

Kollu (Horse Gram)- Kollu or Kulti is found to be useful for prevention and also for getting rid of kidney stones and gall bladder stones. The pulse helps in breaking the stones into smaller pieces that would come out of the urinary tract easily.

Tulsi (Basil)- Tulsi is promoting the fluid, mineral, and uric acid balance in the kidney. Have Tulsi leaves a few times a day like tea, juice, or honey. This will help in expelling kidney stones from the urinary tract. It will also help in maintaining our kidney health.

Last Words!

Small renal can be treated easily with simple home remedies, they may even pass out through the ureter to the bladder on its own, with time. However large renal stones are too big to pass on their own. That simply means they need extra care, attention and most importantly must be treated on time, with proper medication or surgery is required! 

To know more about kidney stones and their treatment methods., do consult an expert or concerned doctor! 

Stay Informed! Stay Healthy! Stay Happy! 

Thank You!


Disclaimer: The information included at this site is for educational purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for medical treatment by a health care professional. Readers are advised to consult their physician to determine the suitability of the information with the reader’s situation! 

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