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Do Not worry If You Do Not Experience Side-Effects Of COVID Vaccine!

Do Not worry If You Do Not Experience Side-Effects Of COVID Vaccine!

People all over the world is getting vaccinated with different COVID-19 vaccines available in their area. In India, the vaccination drive started on 16th January 2021, and total 20 crore vaccines have been administered till date. 

Many people who got their jab against COVID-19, experienced side effects of the vaccine in different ways. Some people developed fever, while some suffered from nausea feeling, other got headache and body pain, while some experienced weakness and fatigue. 

Well, medical and health experts say that developing side effects after getting the jab of any of your vaccine, is normal. So, if you develop side effects after you get your jab of COVID-19 vaccine, its normal, generally it reflects that your immune system is doing its job and learning how to fight the coronavirus. 

However, there are many people who after getting the COVID-19 vaccine didn’t develop any signs of side-effects or any discomforts. This has made them think that, whether their immune system is working properly or not! 

If you are one among those who got their COVID-19 vaccine recently but showed no signs of side effects, then I would say relax, your immune system is responding to the vaccine. Experts say that it is not necessary that every person should experience side effect after getting the COVID-19 vaccine, they say, “Even if you don’t feel crummy after your vaccines, chances are your body still had a good, protective immune response”. 

It Hardly Matters If You Don’t experience Side Effects…….

When the vaccination drive started in India, people who got their jab, experienced, and shared their side-effects that they developed after getting their jab through different social media platforms. This created a kind of fear against those who were not vaccinated yet. 

To overcome this fear of people, the medical and public health leaders decided to create awareness regarding the vaccine and its side effects, among the people so that they can easily take their vaccines when they get eligible for that. They basically made people understand that, side-effects was the body’s natural response to vaccination. 

But the public health messaging often didn’t address what a lack of side effects meant. As a result, people who didn’t experienced any side effects were confused whether their vaccine is responding to the immunity system or not. 

However, the fact is, even though side effects like muscle aches, fever, or fatigue are signs the immune system is working, a lack of side effects doesn’t mean the shot isn’t working. 

It was also seen in the clinical trials of the vaccine, where a large portion of people experienced side-effect when they got their jab, but there were people who were normal and shown no signs of side effects after they get their jab, yet they were still highly protected against the coronavirus. 

Reason Behind The Different Reaction………

Medical and health experts say that people immune system react in different ways, and generally the reaction depend on a handful of factors, that include health, age, gender, preexisting immunity, genetics, nutrition, environment, and use of anti-inflammatory medicines.  

Some research even suggested that the time of day in which a person is vaccinated with the seasonal flu vaccine could affect the immune system’s response. In addition, people who previously had COVID-19 tend to have stronger reactions to the vaccine. 

For immunocompromised people, there a confusion, whether they will be protected or not after they get their complete vaccination. Health experts say, as these people are immunocompromised, they will prepare the antibodies, but at a slower rate. Perhaps they may also produce antibodies less in amount than others, but the shot will still likely confer some level of protection. 

Let Us Conclude!

Currently what people are focusing on that if a person experience the side effects after he get his COVID vaccine, then it is proving that his immune system is doing his job, but that is really not the fact. 

Health experts say that whether you experience the side effects or experience no side effects, if you are vaccinated against COVID-19, you can expect to have protection.

Stay Informed! Get Vaccinated! Stay Safe! 

Thank You! 

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